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premade layouts, free, for your use.

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...About This Community:;
WELCOME to LAYOUTS_BY_DAY. This is a "PreMade Layout" & graphics community, run by daynayb913 (dana) & co-maintained by ibringshame2 (ali), meaning all layouts and graphics that are posted are already made, free, for your use. THIS IS NOT A REQUESTING COMMUNITY; however, there will be oppurtunities for you to suggest ideas for layouts and graphics when we ask for them. We will also be the only persons allowed to post, but we may like your stuff or need help maintaining the community. If you are interested, please contact me (Dana) via e-mail at daynayb913@yahoo.com
...Rules And Guidelines:;
Having to follow rules is boring, yes, i know.. but please take the time to read this as i am taking the time to make layouts for you. I'll try to keep the list short and sweet:;

001. NEVER take credit for one my layouts. This goes without saying, really, but there's always those one or two people that change a simple code and claim they created it themselves. I don't care if you don't credit me in your info or something, but don't say you made it! If someone asks, refer them to this community.

That's all i ask :)
...Anything Else:;
You CAN edit the codes, as long as you credit me for the original work. I don't think that's asking to much, so if you get caught lying/stealing, you will be banned from the community. Not that it would make much a difference, seeing as you'd already have my codes.. but whatever.

info coding help thanks to tillyness
tillyness premade layouts and more: they're amazing there. :D
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